Are your eyes red, looking tired, or you just want the most beautiful sunglasses? The exclusive optique – Beta Optique, settled in the heart of the city, offers you a full palette of products for your eyes. Here, even the impossible becomes possible. We offer a wide spectrum for high diopters. Don’t wait, you can pick up your product immediately.
There is highly qualified personnel at your disposal that will answer to all your questions and will offer a solution that perfectly fits your needs. There are no two same eyes. We take care for everyone separately.

Why contact lenses? For crystal vision. No distortions in the vision field, it doesn’t dislocate and it provides clear and natural look. For increased self-confidence - No one knows about it, and you forget that you’re wearing it. They don’t blur, reflect light or shine. They’re great for driving and sports.

In Beta Optique, you will find the most sophisticated models of sunglasses. The French trendsetters “Chloe” favorite fashion accessory, the symbol for youth and modern design, and at the same time a bit provocative. Sexy and cult French. “Cartier” has been synonym for luxury and charm for centuries, and now, it can become part of your wardrobe. Discover the new you. “Chopard” or timeless glasses. Strong and durable, and the color and the shine will remain the same as the day you bought them. KENZO – colorful design and a lot of colors. If you are a kid inside, KENZO will color your world with happy tones of colorful candy. Frameless models? "Silhouette” glasses with subtle design, the strongest steel glasses. Natural, lightweight glasses that you’ll wear years after buying them.

For the wild ones, “TAG Heuer” adrenaline experience. It passed the test of the harshest tastes – the drivers of Formula 1, the alpinists, the fisherman, the extreme sportists… Chic and sophisticated! We made refreshment with the jet-setters sunglasses “Oliver Peoples” – from Luxottica. Infallible fashion accessory of the world famous stars for the hot sunny days. With them, you will step on the starry sky.

Frames and sunglasses

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