What kind of personnel works in BetaMedico?

What is necessary to work in our company is the desire for continuous learning, ambition, initiative, positive spirit and dedication + appropriate education in the field of medicine, pharmacy, economy, law, languages, public relations, informational technology and design, optics.
And the most important thing is to enjoy your work and BetaMedico offers that. Working here is a real pleasure.

Why working with us is good?
- Become an expert in many fields
- Lead projects from idea to realization and compulsorily measure the results
- Work in an international commerce
- Acquire new contacts every day
- Familiar with the law regulation and the newest technological improvements
- Every task is a completely new and unrepeatable challenge
- Stick to strict deadline efficiently, thoroughly and responsibly
- Build your personal and professional knowledge
- Team work does not allow failure
- Flexibility and innovation become your second “self”

Opportunity for progress in a career
Your work and effort are always awarded.
Proactive relation and dedication leads you fast to the success and everyone gets their chance.

How to apply for an employment?
1. Necessary document: CV with obligatory photo, motivational letter and scanned verification of a working experience, training certificates and recommendations.
2. Attach your documents and send them to with your profession as a subject.
3. Next you are going to receive a confirmation that your application has been recieved.


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