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How babies to grow up properly?

Baby should be in a flexion position. This body position allows proper muscle and skeleton growth, recovers sleeping and put stress and malaise to minimum. Philips Respironics provides this and it’s especially intended for
low weight and prematurally born babies ..


    • Your baby will feel safe and secure
    in Snuggle Up hamper , made of soft hypo-allergenic cotton material. It can be used for transport, weigh or examination or breasting of you baby. Your baby will enjoy sleeping in it. The two adjustable belts gently keep the baby’s position safe without preventing its movements.


    • Bendy Bumper is an instrument that keeps the desired form and it’s used as a limiter for “nesting” the babies in their beds. Bendy support the muscular skeleton growth at the same time gives the babies a feeling of protection.


    • The frog Frederick is a pillow stuffed with a material similar to sand that allows changing its form. It can be put under your head, neck, back, or legs in order for the baby to get the desired position.


    • Snoedel doll contains special wool that absorbs the smell of parents and then easily releases it. This doll will provide your child to feel safe and calm in situations when you’re not able to be around it or when it’s in hospital. You baby’s simply going to love it.


    • Cozycare is a thermal blanket that prevents the loss of bodily temperature in the hospital, transport, breasting or at home. It’s made of ultra-soft, hypo-allergenic and non-toxic 100% polyester with a special thermo layer. Easy adjustable with sticky band on the edges.


    • The Children’s Medical offers complete line of specialised pacifiers for different phases of development of the baby. Only the pacifiers from Philips Respironics are molded and made from 1 part. In that way, it is prevented for wounds in the baby's mouth to occur.


    • Helpers for positioning filled with gel, designed to supply flexible carriage for babies. All gel products are filled with non-toxic gel.


    • Wee specs protection goggles for phototherapy are made of soft hypoallergencic material. The inner joint fits on the orbital joints, and with that the baby can naturally open and close it's eyes.


    • WeeSight Transilluminator helps in exact locating of the thin veins in the extremities of the newborn for purpose - easier insertion of the IV line. The strong led light does not emmit heat, what makes the transilluminator safe even for the most sensitive skin.

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