Our story began in 1995. Beta Medico Trading was established as a wholesale company dealing with medical devices and pharmaceutical products. Today, BetaMedico Trading incorporates: also Beta Pharmacy, Beta Optique and Beta Jewels. Our concept is: what we consider the best for ourselves, also to be shared and delivered with our esteemed partners and clients. Beta Medico Trading activities are: importation, sales and distribution of high quality medical products in the fields of: ophthalmology, optics, respiratory therapy, laboratory and microbiological diagnostics, products for diagnosis and treatment of allergies, surgical instruments and internal medicine products, neonatology, gynecology and apart from the medical field, there is also a separate division for importation and sales of exclusive accessories. Our personnel has contributed to the long-standing success, all of us closely follow the latest trends in technoogy, and we strive to bring it directly to our clients and consumers. BetaMedico Trading acts as a general agent for the Macedonian market for the following brand names: PHILIPS Respironics, Ciba Vision, Allergopharma, AMO Abbott, ORGENICS Israel, GEUDER, ALERE Unipath, HOYA, PELICAN HEALTHCARE- Brands which have long tradition and guarantee a high quality.

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